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Pipeline & Storage

Pipeline & Storage

The Pipeline & Storage segment of National Fuel Gas Company specializes in the underground transport and storage of natural gas. For more than 100 years, we’ve been successfully serving local utilities, pipelines, marketers and energy generators. The locations of our facilities provide customers with diverse market access, granting the flexibility to meet growing Mid-Atlantic, Midwest, Northeast and Canadian demand.

Located within the crossroads of the interstate pipeline network serving the Northeast, our two interstate natural gas companies, National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation (Supply) and Empire Pipeline, Inc. (Empire), own and operate nearly 2,800 miles of pipeline facilities, located in New York and Pennsylvania.

Community Commitment

As a locally headquartered, integrated energy company, our subsidiaries own and operate thousands of miles of pipeline and related infrastructure, consistently applying the highest ethical and safety standards. We continue to employ environmental best practices in our operations and to take a long-term approach to making business decisions. National Fuel infrastructure projects offer local communities both short- and long-term economic benefits, such as jobs, local capital investment and increased tax base, as well as corporate giving and community volunteering.
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